Tricks and Treats Pet Sitting rates and services. 

Please note that I will make every effort to accommodate you and your pets needs. If you see something that is not on this list, simply call me at (970)708-5205 to discuss other options.

*New Services:

Wired Dog Crates for daily rentals in all sizes. Several other services provided.

Please call (970)708-5205 for prices and availability

Overnight Care

For those who wish for someone to stay in their home and care for their pet the entire time they are away.

1 dog in town $65
each additional dog: $15-$20

Daily Dog Walks:

Set up a scheduled 1 hour daily or weekly walk.

1 dog: $25 for 55 minutes
each additional dog: $10 - $15 (depending on the age)

Daily Check-Ins:

Ideal for people with busy schedules. 2-3 visits recommended daily.

1 dog: $25 per visit
each additional dog $10 - $15 per visit (depending on the age)

Doggie Day Sitting:

For Dog Owners who have a busy work schedule or for people who are visiting & want to spend time exploring without their pets. We can take your dog out for a couple of hours, stay with them at your hotel or condo while you go out, or take your pet out for a bathroom break or walk.

1 dog: $25 per hour for the 1st 4 hours then $20 an hour
each additional dog $10 an hour (extra fee applies to puppies)

Cat and Bird Visits:

Although cats are independent animals, they crave human contact. Daily visits to refill food dishes, clean out litter box and some attention makes your pet feel comfortable while you are out of town.

1 visit a day: $20 (1 cat)
2 or more cats or birds, or outside Telluride an extra $5 per visit

Small animals:

Tricks and Treats Pets also offers services for small household pets such as hamsters, rabbits, turtles and fish.

1 visit a day: $10
outside Telluride an extra $5 per visit


All prices will change according to distance out of town, quantity of pets & puppy rates.

Please call me at
for more information.